Getting Started

Congratulations, you've gained access to a cruise plan! Now what?

1. Add Yourself to the Science Party and Complete Your Registration

You can invite people to help plan a cruise even if they are not sailing.

Look for the Add Yourself to the Science Party button on your cruise plan home page. When you add yourself to the science party you'll be directed to a cruise registration page. Here, you'll be presented with a few steps to complete your registration. Each ship may have a few additional forms and questions for you to fill out beyond the basic profile.

Your profile is complete when you see all green check marks on your registration page. If you go back to your cruise home page and you see a message stating Your Registration is Incomplete then you are clearly not done. Click on the Science Party tab to check your status.

2. Add Photos, Documents, and Files to the Cruise Attachments

A picture is worth 1000 words. Photos of large or unusual equipment are very valuable to the planning process.

Cruise attachments work just like an email. Click on the Attachments tab on your cruise plan home page and you will see an upload control. Upload any files which may be useful to the ship's crew, marine technicians, or other scientists.

  • Photos of your equipment
  • (even better) Photos of your equipment being deployed/recovered on previous cruises
  • CAD drawings and specification sheets
  • Detailed station plans
  • Project descriptions
  • Cruise reports from previous cruises working on the same project

3. Declare Hazardous Materials

It's important to know what dangerous materials are being brought aboard UNOLS ships. Click on the Hazardous Materials tab and you will see a list of chemicals that other scientists have already declared. Click on the "Add or Edit Hazardous Materials" menu option to add your own chemicals.

Hazardous materials are added by searching our database of over 7500 chemicals. You can search by name, CAS number or UN/NA number. If you're positive that your chemical is not present in our database, you can add a new one. This process is a bit painstaking, but you can rest easy knowing that your shipmates will be safer and that future scientists will be able to use the chemical you've entered. Thank you for that!

4. Complete the Project General Information (Cruise Administrators only)

Click on the Project Information tab. If you are a CruiseAdmin you will see an "Edit Project Information" menu option. Most of this information will hopefully already be either imported from your Ship Time Request or by the ship. Fill in as many fields as possible.

5. Complete the Cruise Questionnaire (Cruise Administrators only)

Click on the Cruise Questionnaire tab. If you are a CruiseAdmin you will see an "Edit Cruise Questionnaire" menu option. The questionnaire is divided up into logical sections. All of the questions are mandatory unless otherwise noted. You'll know when you've completed a section when the header turns green and says "complete."

The cruise questionnaire is unique to each ship. If you are unsure of how to answer a certain question you will have to contact your ship's marine office.

6. Review Documents (Everybody) and Upload Required Forms (Cruise Administrators only)

Some ships might not have any documents for you. The Documents tab will not be visible in this case.

The Documents tab contains any files or documents that the ship makes available to scientists. These might be forms, drawings, manuals, policies, etc.

(CruiseAdmins only) Forms which need to be filled out and uploaded will display an upload control. Forms which are required will be marked as Required.

(CruiseAdmins only) Forms which are required to be read and acknowledged will display an acknowledgement control. This generally applies to policy documents or procedures.