Accessing a Cruise Plan

This help topic will help you gain access to a cruise plan.

User Accounts

A user account is needed to participate in a cruise plan. You can register for an account if you don't already have one. Your one-time only registration will link you to all of the participating ships and host institutions. Separate user accounts are not needed for each cruise.

User account security is very important to UNOLS. Your user data, passwords, and personal information entered in the cruise planning process are stored securely. All communications are encrypted using SSL (HTTPS).

Accessing a Cruise Plan by Invitation

Cruise plans are created by the host institution or ship. The Chief Scientist or Principal Investigator will then be invited to the cruise plan by email as a CruiseAdmin.

invitation email

The cruise plan is unlocked automatically by clicking the UNOLS Cruise Planning_Join_Cruise link in the invitation email.

Accessing a Cruise Plan by Key

Each cruise plan has two unique keys which can be used for access to the cruise. One key unlocks the cruise as a CruiseAdmin and one unlocks the cruise as a CruiseUser. The key can be found at the end of your invitation email, or it may be given to you by someone else participating in the cruise plan.

invitation email key

You can unlock the cruise by clicking the Enter Key button on the Cruise Planning Home Page (you must be logged in).

unlock cruise button