Recent Change Log

2019-11-20: Read-Only API
An API is now available for ship and site administrators.
2019-09-28: Medical Questionnaire
Added a medical customizable questionnaire compatible with GWMMA provided questionnaire.
2019-06-11: Project Status and Roadmap Page Added
Added this page to let users know about recent changes and planned features.
2019-06-07: Home Page Update
Cruises listed on the site home page are now cached on the server. A new column was added with a quick "heads up" status showing what has been recently changed on the cruise plan.
2019-05-22: Cruise Registration Status
There was a recurring problem where scientists were not completing the entire registration process after initially joining the cruise. A new registration status box is diplayed prominently at the top of the page alerting scientists that they have more steps to complete. This is also designed to prompt scientists to add photos/attachments and hazmat or explicitly state that they do not intend to do so.

Project Roadmap

4Q 2019 (planned)
  • Improve the speed and workflow for adding hazardous materials and attachments
  • Add a medical questionnaire
  • Generate a series of YouTube training videos for ship operators
  • Add the capability to import hazardous materials from a previous project
2Q 2019
  • Streamline the scientist registration process based on user feedback
  • Bug fixes reported during beta testing
1Q 2019
  • Beta testing phase after multiple scientific cruises complete sucessfully
  • Bug fixes and aesthetic changes
4Q 2018
  • Site launch complete and into aplha testing for first real cruise plan
  • Bug fixes and aesthetic changes