Cruise Roles

Users can access cruise plans on two different levels. The level is either assigned when inviting a user on the Cruise Home Page, or if the administrative key is given by an administrator. The roles are described below.


A CruiseAdmin can edit all aspects of the cruise plan. CruiseAdmins are usually the people with the most knowledge of the project and/or people in a supervisory position.

The Chief Scientist, Principal Investigator, and Lab Managers are a good examples of users who should be assigned as CruiseAdmins.


A CruiseUser can view all areas of the cruise plan and can add themselves to the science party. CruiseUsers can also help in the planning process by uploading files, photos, and documents to the [Attachments] section, and declaring hazardous materials in the [Hazardous Materials] section that they may be bringing aboard.

Table of Cruise Role Abilities
CruiseAdmin CruiseUser
Edit Header Info
Fill in Questionnaire
Edit Science Party
Invite Other CruiseAdmins
Invite Other CruiseUsers
Upload Files
Declare Hazmat